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We're building a new kind of wine company.

We believe that great wine is for everyone — and that it should reflect your values, not just your tastes. So we built a mission-driven marketplace (no markups, no middlemen) that lets you shop direct from the country's best small producers while championing the values you care about most.


Oh Captain Our Captain: Co-founder and CEO Katy is a self-confessed podcast junky — you’ll find her quoting Rachel Maddow on the reg, whether it has to do with the conversation or not.

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Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief and sommelier. You’re looking for recommendations? Sam’s your man, but remember that “tell me the short version” are words he doesn’t comprehend!

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What we believe
Our values
What we believe
Our values

Wine + Peace is committed to supporting and promoting independent wineries engaged in making handcrafted wines on a human scale.

We recognize that handmade wine in the U.S. exists on a spectrum, and wineries on our platform may come in different forms. However, to preserve the principles and practices that align with our values, and which underlie our business model, Wine + Peace requires that all participating wineries adhere, at a minimum, to the following criteria and values.


A winery’s annual production must not exceed 100,000 cases.

No single wine sold on the site can exceed 10,000 cases in annual production.

Fruit may not be sourced from a vineyard that exceeds 100 acres, unless it’s from an individually farmed block.


No percentage of winery is owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by an outside corporate or private entity that is itself not a small winery.


The way we see it, to champion handmade is to champion sustainability, from social to environmental. Thus this category encompasses the following stipulations:

Equitable labor practices, which is the core tenant of sustainability. We require that wineries treat employees fairly and humanely.

Organic/biodynamic/regenerative/permaculture. We want to support and highlight winemakers who are seeking alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and forgoing the use of chemical herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

Low-intervention winemaking (a minimum use of additives like sugar, acidifiers, and powdered tannins, etc.) and technological manipulations (spinning cones, micro-oxygenation, etc.)


All participating wineries must be willing to be transparent with us and with consumers about farming, production and labor practices.