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Methode Sauvage + Pioneer America

Still only in his early 30s, Chad’s clear aesthetic vision has already earned him a place among America’s leading natural winemakers. And it’s easy to see why. His wines make me feel rebellious, accepted, alive — the way I felt as a teenager, cutting class to drive around and blast Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain on repeat. Methode Sauvage Chenin Blanc is artfully unkempt, yet strikingly beautiful, like a sunrise after staying up all night.

W+P Values

Raen + The Future of Farming

Without question, Raen is the next chapter in California wine’s long-standing love affair with the sea. But it’s also the spearpoint of the brothers’ broader environmental mission: to turn Napa and Sonoma into meccas for sustainable agriculture.

W+P Values

Matthiasson + Social Good

We’ve been hard at work building a feature that will allow you to shop wines based on 5 values we believe are pushing the wine industry in the right direction. Today we’re exploring Matthiasson through the lens of HUMAN, a category that highlights the work of producers who are helping to bring about a more equitable and ethical vision for American wine. After all, if oats can be milk, why can’t wine be a force for social good?