Chad Hinds

Methode Sauvage

Iruai Shasta Cascade Red - 2019





Iruai Shasta Cascade Red - 2019
A taut disco of wild blackberry fruit, savory spices and brisk alpine acidity that snaps like a pair of fuchsia spandex.

In the company of exotic creatures like Trousseau, Mondeuse, and Blaufränkisch, which bring juiciness and vibrant energy, Pinot Noir seems like a thrill-seeking tourist who's wandered into uncharted territory. But the blend works like magic, providing a vast and rugged-seeming beauty. This wine is Chad’s love letter to the region he and his wife, Michelle, have pioneered in Northern California’s Siskiyou Wilderness (called Iruai by the Shasta People) — land of gold mining, beaver trapping, and now a wine movement.