Jason Edward Charles

Vinca Minor

Carignan Rosé - 2019





Carignan Rosé - 2019
A spectacular fusion of grace and energy. Grapefruit, wild kelp, and the pitch-perfect resonance of a tuning fork.

Jason works with the buoyant resolve of a documentary filmmaker, totally immersing himself in his material while maintaining a careful curator's eye and sharp aesthetic. This Carignan is sourced from Hawkeye Ranch, a dry-farmed and certified organic vineyard site, which was planted at least 100 years ago in the still rugged, untamed Redwood Valley. The fruit was gently foot tread after which the juice was soaked on the stems and skins for three hours prior to pressing. The wine was fermented and aged in a combination neutral french oak and stainless steel. 

Jason Edward Charles

Vinca Minor

Berkeley, CA

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