Gina Hennen


Bryan Creek Pinot Blanc - 2018





Bryan Creek Pinot Blanc - 2018
Pinot Grigio’s badass stunt double: more swagger, more backbone, and it doesn’t think it’s the center of the universe. Ripe Bartlett pear, shimmering acidity.

With her mix of humility and drive, Gina is the right kind of visionary to carry on Adelsheim's legacy. Gina sources her Pinot Blanc grapes from Bryan Creek, an estate vineyard in the Chahalem Mountains, the Willamette Valley sub-appellation that David Adelsheim pioneered in the late 1970s. Bryan Creek is LIVE Certified, a research-based sustainability standard specific to viticulture. The wine is mainly fermented in stainless steel with a small percentage of neutral oak. 13.5% alcohol.

Gina Hennen


Willamette Valley, OR

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