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Jonathan Yadegar & Omar Koukaz

Jumbo Time Wines

First Timers 2020





Production Notes

A blend of 80% Carignan and 20% Grenache from the organic, dry-farmed Hawkeye Ranch vineyard in inland Mendocino. The goal was to create a bright and energetic red that would lend itself to any occasion. To do so, they made Carignan in two ways: one portion was immediately pressed off its skins to make a light rosé, while the rest underwent a five-day skin maceration. These were then combined with whole-cluster, carbonically-macerated Grenache, which brought spice and juicy bass notes to the blend. The result is a vibrant, polychromatic representation of one Redwood Valley’s most celebrated vineyard sites. Made with help from Vinca Minor and Moonland winemaker, Jason Charles, in Berkeley, CA. No added Sulfur. 12% abv.

First Timers - 2020
The radical jubilance of a saxophone solo, the radiant energy of a thousand Capri Suns. Tangy pomegranate, crushed granite, muted tropical shades.

Jonathan Yadegar and Omar Koukaz may be beginners, but luck has nothing to do with the instant success of Jumbo Time’s inaugural release. Instead, the word that comes to mind is intentionality. Fueled by a winning combination of intense dedication and boundless enthusiasm, the LA-based duo have rolled out of the most thoughtfully conceived and carefully executed natural wine projects we've encountered in recent memory. Jonathan and Omar aren’t seasoned winemakers — which is exactly the point. Unlike many newly minted winery owners who might be tempted to overstate their credentials, Jumbo Time’s co-founders — natural wine superfans who come from successful careers in adjacent creative fields — openly embrace their status as newcomers, inviting us to come along for the ride. This approach not only results in earnest and original wines, it also sets a tone of inclusivity.

Jonathan Yadegar & Omar Koukaz

Jumbo Time Wines

Berkeley, CA

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Jumbo Time Wines First Timers 2020