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Windmill Vineyard Vermentino 2017





Production Notes

Amidst the walnut flowers of rural Yolo County you’ll find the Windmill Vineyard with its pink alluvial soils. Fastidiously cared for by Sergio Villanueva and overseen by Steve Matthiasson, this certified organic vineyard brings out Vermentino's Sardinia vibes. Jack and Johanna temper this ripeness by harvesting early and bottling late — 18 months in neutral oak to be exact. This gives the wine a depth and slight oxidative character reminiscent of the most lionized whites of Jura and Burgundy. Its vibrancy will live forever.

Windmill Vineyard Vermentino - 2017
Transfixed much? A swirling galaxy of toasted hazelnuts and wild fennel. The closest CA has come to capturing the flinty, supernatural beauty of the Jura.

Organic farming and low intervention work best when you have a vision. And winemakers Johanna Jensen (formerly with Scholium Project and Broc Cellars) and Jack Roberts (former Assistant Winemaker at Matthiasson) have a big one. Together they are ushering in a new era in California: wines with edge and energy, at prices you can afford. To pull it off they are working their connections to source unbelievably cool fruit — Napa Pinot Meunier anyone? — from unusual places like Windmill Vineyard in the Dunnigan Hills AVA (a remote appellation between Napa and the Sierra Foothills). Like a painting that comes to life with a single brush stoke, Keep wines feel untouched, yet distinctly animated — with a fluorescent energy that keeps you coming back.

Johanna Jensen & Jack Roberts

Keep Wines

Napa Valley, CA

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