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Matt Berson & Angie Reat

Love & Squalor

Riesling 2017








Production Notes

Riesling is Love & Squalor’s calling card, and Matt’s style — wet slate, delicate florals, toe-tingling austerity — bears the mark of a man who’s hiked up a hillside or two in the Mosel (or, in Matt’s case, made some wine). But whereas the Mosel is all slate and piano wires and harrowing views, Matt’s brings the mystery and lushness of a temperate rainforest. This entry-level bottling is a great introduction for anyone curious about what Riesling is capable of in Oregon.

Riesling - 2017
An abundance of orange blossoms and white nectarines balance on a frame that’s as detailed and intricate as a sea fan.

Love & Squalor is a blood-sweat-and-tears Willamette Valley project of Matt Berson and Angie Reat of Portland, OR. What began for Matt as a midlife career pivot away from restaurants (and a closet full of tuxedos) to wine, quickly proved a calling, and later, a life’s work. Now Matt and Angie, formerly a high-flying SF-based graphic designer, co-manage the business out of their Southeast Portland winery and tasting room. Matt makes the wine, while Angie handles most other aspects of the business, utilizing her wide-ranging expertise on everything from label design and marketing to business strategy and making sure the jukebox keeps playing.

Matt Berson & Angie Reat

Love & Squalor

Willamette Valley, OR

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