Wine + Peace
Megan Bell


Cecchini Ranch Muscat Blanc 2019





Production Notes

In her approach to Muscat Blanc, Megan ditches the pretense (and old closet smells) of Alsace, instead opting for something more riveting and wild — a style reminiscent of our favorite Zibibbos (as it's locally known) in Sicily, where it's being re-envisioned by the island’s natural camp. Sourced from Cecchini Ranch Vineyard in Contra Costa County, creatively and lovingly farmed by the Erggelet Brothers since 2017. Their methods, all organic, are designed to minimize intervention and maximize biodiversity. Megan leaves the fruit to skin-ferment for two days to bring out more texture and savoriness.

Cecchini Ranch Muscat Blanc - 2019
Structured, energetic and with an air of wonder: Prickly pear, lemon Italian ice, a bed of roses. Dry AF.
Megan Bell


Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

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