Wine + Peace
Dieter Cronje


Estate Vineyard Syrah 2017





Production Notes

A great Syrah should outsmart you, exposing your brain’s limitations for comprehending complex savoriness. It’s these flavors, ranging from green olive to bacon fat to wild rosemary, that makes the experience of pairing Syrah with food so mind-bending and satisfying, like solving two Rubik's cubes simultaneously. The uniquely sandy soils of Presqu’ile’s estate vineyard serve to focus and amplify these flavors, creating a wine that feels not so much made as born. All the fruit for this limited production Syrah comes from a 6.5-acre block in the Presqu’ile Vineyard, and is aged for 18 months in neutral french oak barrels.

Estate Vineyard Syrah - 2017
Modern finesse, old school swagger. An umami rainbow with vibrant flavors like tangy charcuterie and freshly crushed whole peppercorns.
Dieter Cronje


Santa Barbara, CA

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