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Carlo Mondavi


Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir 2016





Production Notes

A reserve cuvée that combines the best of their two coastal sites (Sea Field and Bodega), Royal St. Robert is a big-hearted tribute that lives up to its name. According to Carlo, his grandfather Robert Mondavi “was neither royal nor a saint,” but he taught them the importance of passion and total commitment. With Raen, the young Mondavi brothers put these values to work, blending biodynamics, regenerative farming and permaculture to summon the character of Sonoma’s wild coastline with journalistic precession.

Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir - 2016
Pinot Noir at its most soulful and riveting. Visions of white caps, moon phases, and a rugged coastline engulfed in fog.

Carlo and Dante Mondavi are new-wave naturalists, whose grand vision is both ecological and artistic. The result is a winery with its priorities straight: environment first, great wine second. This is expressed in everything they do, from their highly specialized biodynamic regimen (regenerative with an eye on the moon), to their light touch in the cellar (whole clusters, neutral French oak), to their advocacy for a more sustainable industry (Monarch Challenge, Monarch Tractor). Raen is the Mondavi’s contribution to California wine’s long-standing love affair with the sea — but more importantly it’s the story of two brothers going out on their own to prove that great wine and ardent environmentalism can go hand and hand. Look for a symbol on the cork that marks the lunar phase during harvest.

Carlo Mondavi


Sonoma Coast, CA

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Raen Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir 2016