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Brent Mayeaux


Dreams on Layaway 2020





Production notes:

Dreams on Layaway is a still rosé made from Pinot Noir sourced from Gerhard’s Vineyard (dry farmed, organic) in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Brent does all his farming by hand, without the use of tractors. The wine was fermented in a combination of puncheons (large wooden barrels) and traditional barrique (some untopped) with a longer resting period than the earlier bottling in clear glass. 12.5% alc. Only 75 cases produced.

Dreams on Layaway - 2020
It’s Chablis with a wetsuit tan — vibrant and gloriously unruly. Blood orange, agua de sandia, and the crunchy accent of sea beans. 

To succeed in America, most winemakers are required to be either very practical or very well-rooted — or both. Brent Mayeaux is conspicuously neither. He operates out of a warehouse on Treasure Island, an artificial island in the heart of San Francisco Bay, turning out minuscule amounts of highly ambitious natural wines under the label Stagiaire. Yet Brent is, by all accounts, a runaway success. His lineup of imaginative, brilliantly crafted wines (with names like "Cheeky Bisous!" and "Sufficiently Whelming!") are as delicious as they are nearly impossible to find. And every bottling he produces contains a spark of originality (more difficult to achieve than it sounds) that invariably leaves us wanting more. Unlike many domestic producers, Brent is also a passionate and dedicated farmer, tending a small number of organic acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains region. Yet despite his breadth of expertise, Brent's vibe feels less like a winemaker and more like a character out of a Roberto Bolaño novel, which is to say, a version of the Chilean novelist himself. The NY Times once described Bolaño as an “avant-garde poet bristling with mad agendas.” We still suspect that the NY Times was secretly describing Brent, who is one of the most talented and inspired winemakers we know.

Brent Mayeaux


Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

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