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Raen + The Future of Farming

Introducing Raen — Carlo and Dante Mondavi's winery on the western boundaries of the Sonoma Coast. We're talking white caps, moon phases and rugged coastlines engulfed in fog. Wines that — like the poet Mary Oliver once wrote — “risk the wildest places.”

Carlo Mondavi in his winery Raen in Sebastopol, California

Without question, Raen represents the next chapter in California wine’s long-standing love affair with the sea — the brothers fastidiously farm three pristine vineyards in the far western reaches of the appellation — but it’s also the spearpoint of their broader environmental mission: to turn Napa and Sonoma into meccas for sustainable agriculture. As you’ll see, a reverence for nature is at the heart of everything they do, from how they farm (biodynamics, permaculture and regenerative) to their ongoing conservation and advocacy efforts.

Take the Monarch Challenge, a foundation they established to raise awareness around some of the industry’s biggest problems, like rampant herbicide use (see Round Up’s near annihilation of the Monarch butterfly back in the 1970s) and its beyond-scary dependence on fossil fuels.

Raen + The Future of Farming 1

But if the Mondavis have a reputation for dreaming big, they also have one for over-delivering — and it only requires a few minutes with Carlo to realize that he’s doing the math and offering real solutions. 

Raen 2

Our favorite is the Monarch Tractor, an all-electric tractor (“driver optional”) that could be Napa’s answer to the Tesla Model 3 — and may seriously move the needle on sustainable agriculture in the region and beyond.

We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Raen, whose vision and tireless efforts continue to inspire.

Article by Sam Decker


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