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Ryan Stirm


Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir 2018





Production Notes

California Pinot Noir has for too long been a conversation of opposing extremes of ripeness. Ryan finds originality in the middle, capturing the lost-boy spirit of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Vintage-wise, 2018 was business as usual — relatively damp and mild with a few heat spikes in early summer. Glenwood is an organic hillside vineyard set deeply in an old growth redwood forest. As is the Santa Cruz way, Ryan assembles a small crew of volunteers (mainly friends from the local restaurant scene) to help him harvest by hand, with any sorting taking place in the field. All the grapes are tossed into a large redwood barrel to ferment, after which the wine spends 18 months in neutral barrique. 

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir - 2018
A concise and imaginative portrait of the uncharted terrain that is the Santa Cruz Mountains. Wild-fruited, vibrant and original.
Ryan Stirm


Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

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