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Ryan Stirm


Sonoma Valley Syrah 2018





Production Notes

Ryan had been wanting to work with Syrah long enough that when this organic vineyard in Sonoma Valley fell into his lap he didn’t miss a beat. Clay soils, young vines, old school farming. Ryan’s style nods to the Northern Rhône with racy fruit, firm acidity and floral aromas.

Sonoma Valley Syrah - 2018
Has the verve, sun-baked fruit and savory snap of good Conras. Violets, herbs and olives.

Based in a barebones warehouse in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Ryan is one of a handful of young producers contributing to the region’s rebirth as a vibrant natural wine destination. And thanks to his work with Wirz Vineyard, Ryan has also become one of California wine’s leading eco-pioneers, specializing in soulful expressions of Riesling and Zinfandel. With its assortment of ancient, head-trained vines perched in the foothills of the Gabilan Mountains, Wirz Vineyard is a living piece of California history. But from an environmental standpoint, Wirz has been a symbol of sustainable farming for over 50 years, dry-farmed (sans irrigation) since the 1960s. In a state that’s battled drought and water shortages for decades, this approach is an example of radical conservation, showing that thoughtful stewardship of heritage vineyards will have a vital role to play in ensuring a greener wine future.

Ryan Stirm


Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

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